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Empowering Your Digital Success: Welcome to Common Blue

Where the convergence of innovative strategies and creative vision is the cornerstone of our digital marketing solutions. Natalia Delgado is the founder of Common Blue. Her journey led her to create this platform as a synthesis of my skills in both strategy and creativity, recognizing the need to fuse these "whole-brainer" qualities into a service that embodies comprehensive excellence. At Common Blue Marketing, we offer a dynamic trio of vital services—virtual assistance, digital marketing, and project management—crafted to fulfill diverse business needs. Our approach is centered on providing expert support across these domains, ensuring a holistic and results-driven strategy to propel your brand toward success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Lifelong Learner. Dedication Maven. Empathetic Luminary. 

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Hi, I'm Natalia – the founder of Common Blue. My journey revolves around a commitment to delivering exceptional work while prioritizing empathy in every interaction. Welcome to a space where expertise meets genuine care and where your needs are met with both skill and heart.

After graduating from the esteemed Nicholson School of Communications at the University of Central Florida in 2020, I ventured into an entrepreneurial journey in response to the uncertainty of the post-COVID era. Drawing from the knowledge and experience gained through internships, I took the bold step of establishing my own company.

My entrepreneurial endeavor kicked off by providing virtual assistant services to clients. Being proactive and adaptable, I swiftly adjusted to meet the changing needs of my clientele.

Through unwavering dedication to networking and continuous learning, I expanded the range of services offered. Today, my company is recognized for delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions and invaluable virtual support. Many clients continue to trust my expertise and support, showcasing the lasting value I bring. My pursuit of growth and self-improvement remains steadfast as I explore avenues to expand my business and enhance my personal and professional skills. In an ever-evolving business landscape, I strive to embody adaptability, resilience, and a dedication to surpassing client expectations. My company doesn't just reflect my dedication but also promises sustained innovation and exceptional service.

Areas of Focus

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing & Strategy

Product Launch & Evergreen Sales Funnels

Content Writing & Editing

Brand Strategy

Course Creation 

Digital Content Strategy

Project Management

Project Planning & Scheduling

Stakeholder Communication & Management

Risk Management & Mitigation

Team Collaboration & Leadership

Change Management & Adaptability

Reporting & Evaluation

Virtual Assistance

Research Assistance and Reporting

Administrative Support & Task Coordination

Meeting Coordination and Note-Taking

File Organization and Cloud Management

Customer Support & Communication

Email and Calendar Management

Client Testimonials

Veena Sidhu, DreamCatcher Enterprise, Third Wave, Marketing consulting
"Always willing to grow and evolve" 

Natalia offers so much and is always willing to grow and evolve. With every project that I've brought her on, she has done so with grace and heart. I know I can always rely on her positive attitude and attention to detail. She has not only impressed me but she has proven herself on every team I've brought her on. 

Veena Sidhu,

COO of Third Wave

Our Team

Current & Previous Clients

The GlowJo podcast
The Shift Network
Drone services
Dreamcatcher Enterprise
Woman empowerment
Lindsay Marino, psychic medium, mediumship, tampa florida
Moses Bernard human movement expert
Gut Health nutritionist, hannah aylward nutrition
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